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Habit is a known humpback mother and one of the whales we have seen every year since 2006. She had her first calf in 2010, and her last calf in 2014. It was in 2015 when she arrived in Gitga’at Territory that we knew something was terribly wrong. We had gone out on the boat and slowly approached her taking as many pictures as possible with a long lens as not to get too close. The wound that we saw was devastating and we knew she had been struck by a very large vessel – it was a miracle she was even alive. We were surprised she had survived that entire season, and even more so when she returned the following year and the wound had healed substantially. Though her wound has healed, she has never again been seen with another calf. Habit herself may never have another calf of her own, but she is now often see escorting younger mothers with their calves. Every time we see her we are reminded that in the presence of whales we must slow down when driving a boat.

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