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It was a surprise to us when Cheetah arrived back from Hawaii with her first calf in 2010 as we had seen her almost every year since 2004, and in all these years, we had never seen her with a calf by her side. Cheetah has always been a very social whale, and she is often sighted in the company of other humpbacks seeking out social companionship or cooperating in bubble net feeding groups. Even when she is with a calf she is often in close proximity to other whales – if not directly part of the group. The speckled pattern on her fluke makes her one of the most recognizable whales in our research area, and was the inspiration behind her name. Cheetah has remained one of the core seasonally resident humpback whales that we see in Gitga’at Territory, and she has been seen in good health as recently as 2023.

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