Learning from Whales without Impact: BC Whales cutting edge Techniques Technologies and Projects

Join our expert panelist of presenters as we dive into the behavior and acoustic traditions of whales along the coast of BC. We will discuss cutting edge techniques, technologies, and projects the BC Whales research team use to understand the lives and needs of whales along the coast of BC. From hydrophones to drones and everything in between, learn about our unique research projects, designed with the well-being of whales in mind, and what actions are still needed from everyone along this coast to conserve and protect some of the most beautiful, iconic, and unique beings that inhabit it.

Whale Culture, Communication, and Ocean Noise


Please join us as our expert panelist of presenters will share their knowledge from years of studying the culture and acoustic tradition of whales, and how this connects whales to the ocean soundscapes within BC waters. Listen live as we play a selection of whale calls that unite orca families, cooperative foraging calls and the famous humpback whale song. Join us from anywhere in the world to learn more about whale behaviours, shared cultures, unique vocalizations, and how increasing ocean noise may affect their world. There will be a question and answer section after the presentations. We hope to see you there!

Whale Research in the Great Bear Rainforest & Beyond

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

7:00 PM 9:00 PM
Join our team of presenters for an exciting webinar all about the whales of the Great Bear Rainforest with a special focus on our new and ongoing research projects. Watch live from anywhere in the world to investigate the culture, acoustic traditions, conservation genetics, and behaviours of the whales that call this region home.

Acoustics & Culture of Whales in British Columbia


Thanks to our wonderful team, who discussed the behavior of orca, humpback and fin whales, combined with genetics and acoustics to better understand the culture, habitat use and potential threats these whales face as their populations increase along the coastal regions of British Columbia.